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Hi darlings! This is an EXO Kris scenario blog for all Kris lovers! All Kris requests are closed.

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August 25th 2014
can you give me the link to this one>> When You’re Embarrassed of Kris’ Dancing Skills in a Club
asked by Anonymous

Sure here! :)

<3 Chelsea

August 25th 2014
I think I send mine not in submit but fan mail. Im using phone and its a hassle. Sorry...
asked by Anonymous

that’s okay, i got it! thanks! <3

<3 chelsea

August 24th 2014

QQ is anyone going to apply for the admin position? D: i only have 1 application so far… :(

August 24th 2014






ฺ-////- 凡凡 ~ talking about archery **Cute cute~ o(>.<”)o!!


there are two types of people

August 22nd 2014
Wait... how much time do I have to write the scenario... bc I really want to try, but I won't have any free time until Tuesday ):
asked by pudimdagika

Hm that’s a good question. I’ll give you guys until next Thursday, August 28! :)

August 22nd 2014

Admin application!

Hello guys! This is a prompt that I would like you to finish in less than 1,000 words. I’m not going to word count, but it should be fairly short like a mini scenario. :)

"Baobei, who is this person on your phone? And why are you hugging him?" Kris frowned at the picture as he clenched your cell phone tightly in his hands.

"None of your business, Yifan. You said you were just using my phone to call, not to snoop," you snapped as you tried to snatch your phone back, but his reflexes were too fast. He raised his arm in the air, leaving your phone out of reach. 

He glared down at you, “Who. Is. This,” he said through gritted teeth. His tone was menacingly cold while his eyes were hot as molten lava. “You took this yesterday while I was away… you were with him?” he whispered, and for a second pain flashed across his scorching brown eyes. 

[to be continued by you guys! :) ]


*Just a note: the girl isn’t cheating on Kris lol. It’s just a misunderstanding. Welp, hope you guys have fun with the prompt! I like reading jealous kris fics hahah, and it can end anyway you want like smut, fluff, etc. ^^

When you’re done please submit here! http://krisdragontales.tumblr.com/submit

I would also like to know the following info:

1. How free you are to dedicate to this blog

2. Age

3. Why you want to be an admin

**I just need an admin to write kris scenarios while I’m taking a break. It can be either from the requests or from your own ideas! And good luck! 

<3 Chelsea

August 19th 2014
HII CHELSEA!! I hope you feel better. Take some time for yourself, we're always here ^^ so don't feel lonely :)
asked by Anonymous

Aw thank you. :’) thanks for being so understanding, lovely! <333 i hope i’ll be okay soon too.

<3 chelsea

August 19th 2014

important announcement

hello guys! many of you are wondering why we haven’t been updating, and i’m deeply sorry about this. annabella is no longer an admin, and i have been dealing with some personal problems as well. i haven’t been able to sleep properly since the beginning of august, and now it’s really eating at me. i’m developing anxiety because of it too, making it even harder for me to sleep. this blog used to be my go-to place for fun, and now almost everything about it makes me sad and bittersweet because things were so different and happier last year when i started. it’s crazy how things can change in a year, and it just baffles me. 2014, to say the least, is the hardest and most messed up year so far for me. 

i still love kris, probably too much for my own good. in my naivety of last year, i thought that falling in love with an idol could never hurt me because how could a fantasy hurt more than reality? but how wrong i was. i’ve never felt pain like this before, not when i was rejected from college or when i broke my arm. this is the pain of sudden change. exo was my inner happiness and now everything stings. i feel almost empty inside now, when the long days of summer stretch out before me and i have nothing but my mind to haunt me. i feel almost hopeless sometimes. and maybe this is really why i can’t sleep, i don’t know.

i hope this explains why i have been updating less since the news of kris hit, and i’m really sorry. i will be taking an indefinite hiatus to clear my mind, but i’ll still be able to talk to you guys. i really would like to talk to someone since i’m feeling pretty lonely.

in the meantime, i would like someone to take over since i can’t write anymore for now. i’d like someone to write scenarios only, and it can be from your own ideas; it doesn’t have to be from the long list of requests that i still have haha. i will probably post a scenario prompt up for you to complete in 2-3 paragraphs and message me off anon later. i’ll give you all the details soon! :)

i apologize for this lengthy post, but i just needed to get a few things off my chest. sigh. i’m thankful for everyone who has followed me, enjoyed my scenarios, and left inspiring messages. i’m happy that i was able to bring joy during my burst of activity for this blog last year. this blog, which has brought me joy and pain, is an experience i’ll never forget. i hope i’ll get better soon myself and come back new and refreshed. ^^

with love,


August 13th 2014
August 13th 2014


designers: we specialize in top fashion and we want you to promote our clothing so what would you like?
kris: can i get a t-shirt and some jeans to match my red octobers?
designers: you can have literally anything you want are you sure thats all?
kris: ………i want my name on my butt in jewels and jewels on my shirt. long sleeves.
designers: ………okay
kris: swag